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Omnicloud CRM - AQTA

Web Application / 22.03.2022

Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Omnicloud CRM - State Tourism Agency

Web Application / 22.03.2022

State Tourism Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Omnicloud CRM - PASHA Bank

Web Application / 22.03.2022

PASHA Bank OJSC provides a range of innovative banking services to corporate, small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs and individuals

Bee Tours

Website / 19.09.2021

Traveling and tourism company

Quiz App Celebrities

Mobile / 23.01.2021

How well do you know celebrities? Test your knowledge through this application. Choose a category and get started. There are questions according to specific categories in the application. The main emphasis is on finding famous people according to the photos.

React Native Food Delivery App

Mobile / 06.09.2020

Rural Development Complex Project

Website / 13.04.2020

Goals and objectives of the project. The main goal of the "Integrated Rural Development Project" (IRDP) is to improve the living standards and ensure food security of the rural population in Yevlakh, Agdash, Sheki and Oguz districts


Website / 29.01.2020

Behind every successful product there is a group of creative and capable people who live to make the lives of others more colorful and fun.


Website / 11.07.2019

Game Development

Making games requires a lot more than coding or art skills. We put our passion into the mix and hope what we create will give something valuable to our players.

Funny and Lovely Stickers

Mobile / 03.07.2019

Download app and start sending those stickers right away from within WhatsApp.

Body Mass Index

Mobile / 30.05.2019

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body weight measurement 

QR & Barcode Reader

Mobile / 24.05.2019

Use your device camera to capture the QR & Barcode. Simply point the camera at the QR & Barcode to be scanned and you`re done.

Car Information Program

Mobile / 24.05.2019

Car Information Program

The following features are available within the program:

1) Useful informations
2) Fuel consumption
3) Inspection of Compulsory Insurance
4) Penalty check
5) Calculation of customs payments
6) About the program

Mobile Application of the State Migration Service MigAz

Mobile / 24.05.2019

MigAz provided by State Migration Service of Azerbaijan (SMS) brings access to a wide range of official migration services to your smartphone. Using this app you can apply for a service or get a lot of useful information about Azerbaijan. 

State Migration Service | E-Services

Website / 24.05.2019

E-Services Portal of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ferah Cleaning Company

Website / 24.05.2019

Ferah Cleaning Company Website

Relax Travel

Website / 24.05.2019

Relax Travel Website

Agile Appliance Repair

Website / 24.05.2019

Agile appliance repair website. Agile appliance repair is a family owned appliance repair company.


Website / 24.05.2019

“AURA INSHAAT” LLC Website. “AURA INSHAAT” LLC is specialized company for selling HDPE pipes and fittings for water, gas pipeline application systems , DRİPPİNG pipe and accessories for agricultural areas, greenhouses and gardens irrigation systems , PVC pipes and fittings for pools , fountains and ventilation systems and filter,automatic controller , valves, sprinklers for irrigation systems.

Birgə və Sağlam Public Union

Website / 24.05.2019

"Joint and Healthy" Public Union Website. "Joint and Healthy" Public Union is a non-profit organization established in Baku in 2013.